Gatekeeper system
The gatekeeper temporary protection system can place guardrails to block dangerous elements and protect protocols that are not yet mature in the early stages of development.

The gatekeeper system is a temporary safeguard to help the protocol grow. It is flexible enough to adjust/turn on/off based on voting results.

The cost of the gatekeeper system will be borne by the seller, that is, it will also be taxed when forming an LP (only the NAVA side will be taxed).

How does the gatekeeper system work?

In short, there will be an additional fee when selling NAVA, which is a variable % of the current price of the NAVA.
The % increases when approaching the anchor price and keeps increasing when the anchor price is low/contracted.

Why do you need a gatekeeper system?

As with other new decentralized protocols, the first problem we face is often liquidity. An immature system will be subject to price manipulation due to insufficient liquidity.
Adding a fee to each sell order and adding that fee to liquidity helps protect the protocol and allow it to grow rapidly.
Since the fee is a %, the impact is the same for large or retail investors, all helping.
When it is close to contraction, the fee can be used as a braking system to reduce the selling pressure, and with the assistance of the NAVADAO fund, the price can return to the upper bid.
But what if the user intends to use the system to sell, buy and sell above the anchor price when the NAVADAO fund joins?
That's why the fee system was introduced, we all know swing trading is part of the game, we all understand it, but we can't just do nothing because of the swing trader's actions, and then cause the protocol to go into a death spiral (like the previous ones same as Calculus). Swing trading below the anchor price can be minimized by adding a larger fee.

How long will the gatekeeper system run?

The gatekeeper system is a decentralized protocol that operates as a temporary safeguard until the project matures.
We have added extra code to make the gatekeeper system flexible enough to turn it on/off at any time, update rates or add a flat fee to all transactions.
Shareholders can vote to reduce/increase taxes and/or stop the gatekeeper system when the project moves from the immature stage to the development stage.
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